SKAM FRANCE EP.9 S6 : Dimanche 17h29 - Mea culpa

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  1. Jessie Goldman

    Jessie GoldmanHace 14 días

    im here for the lola slander😈

  2. Shinta Shinta

    Shinta ShintaHace 21 un día

    So lucas knows exactly what lucille feels now

  3. Riya Nasnodkar

    Riya NasnodkarHace 25 días

    Lucas had the right to be mad at her....she deserved it

  4. Shruti Bhuyan

    Shruti BhuyanHace 27 días

    also off topic but the way lucas is the sassiest of all even lola failed damn

  5. Shruti Bhuyan

    Shruti BhuyanHace 27 días

    no hate lola but what lucas did was explainable so yeah

  6. In ès

    In èsHace un mes

    00:39 Je crois que Luca ne se rend pas compte de l’impact que ces paroles vont avoir sur Lola

  7. Ines Cardoso

    Ines CardosoHace 2 meses


  8. feed hyungwon please

    feed hyungwon pleaseHace 2 meses

    "ne touches pas" is now my favorite word.

  9. Daniel Malartrigue

    Daniel MalartrigueHace un mes

    It's "Ne me touche pas !"

  10. Persona

    PersonaHace 2 meses

    andddddd there it is. He absolutely has a right to be mad.

  11. Lourdes Gomez

    Lourdes GomezHace 3 meses


  12. MG Alvarez

    MG AlvarezHace 3 meses

    If I think about how I would've handled this or how I would've reacted, I'm pretty sure I would've done the same as Lucas.

  13. Afie Kang

    Afie KangHace 3 meses


  14. Jimmy Bubble Gum

    Jimmy Bubble GumHace 3 meses


  15. Bonnie Mosca

    Bonnie MoscaHace 4 meses

    Sorry not sorry i don't like lola because she is toxic

  16. awkwardnshy

    awkwardnshyHace 4 meses

    I see some comments referencing Lucille but ... Lucas isn't though, he's like soulmate to Eliott. Lol it sounds cringey but it is. Also lets Eliott makes decisions for himself. In their Instagram videos they drink, I think smoke too occasionally -not too sure. Doesn't monitor Eliott. He doesn't from what we've seen, sum up Eliott or how he's feeling to his mental illness.

  17. awkwardnshy

    awkwardnshyHace 4 meses

    Ayy he just worried about his man here. Plus Lucas already said he would have his moments where he isn't the nicest or walks out. Also difference Lucas unknowingly smoked and drank with Eliott before he found out about his condition. Lola ...yeah. I ain't mad but I get everyone's feelings here.

  18. Axeena Axaf

    Axeena AxafHace 4 meses

    I totally side

  19. ind1eskrts

    ind1eskrtsHace 5 meses

    lucas WENT OFF.

  20. bro i'm so gay omg

    bro i'm so gay omgHace 5 meses

    lola t'abuses

  21. Valerie

    ValerieHace 5 meses

    Yesssss, baby Lucas! He is totally right.

  22. markiepooh- got7

    markiepooh- got7Hace 5 meses

    Les gens qui disent que lucas a tord désolé de dire ça mais c'est bête. Puis que lola n'explique ses problèmes que à eliott alors lucas lui il comprends pas la situation et qu'elle entraîne l'homme qui l'aime déplus c'est normal d'être énervé.

  23. mecheel

    mecheelHace 5 meses

    It's obvious that Lola didn't have bad intentions, she's struggling. Lucas' anger is understandable but he didn't have to be so rough, specially the "you destroy yourself alone". Man, you shouldn't say that to anybody, and even less to a girl you know has problems.

  24. Jesse Lox

    Jesse LoxHace 6 meses

    Lola can be toxic af but most of you acting like Elliot is a child victim of her actions isn’t it

  25. Dawn Evanson

    Dawn EvansonHace 6 meses

    yes lucas ✊🏻

  26. jenora

    jenoraHace 6 meses

    Again, i hate lucas

  27. germ

    germHace 7 meses

    I hate that Lucas is right because I feel bad for Lola, but its her fault that Elliot got drunk

  28. Natalie Natalie

    Natalie NatalieHace 7 meses

    Okay, I hate people who attack Lola but protect Eliott. I adore Eliott with all my heart, but he made the same shitty decision as Lola. He should have dragged her out of the club even against her will, he could have called someone else to help to pick her up or as a last resort - tell the security guard that she is a minor and not allowed to be there. He could have made an adult decision since he is the one who is not affected by alcohol, drugs and heavy emotions. Yes, she would be angry at him for that. But that would have been better for her and in the end she would be grateful and that's the only thing that should have mattered to him. But he DECIDED to stay. KNOWING that it was dangerous. For BOTH of them. It is his own bad decision and his own bad consequences for god's sake! I don't understand why Lola receives all of the blaming, while Eliott receives all of the worry and pity. I am never saying that what she did was the right thing. But I fully understand that I am in no place to judge her, because never in my life have I experienced all of the amount of shit that she is going through. It requires strength that even she sometimes lacks. But people expect her to heal quickly and quietly, because it’s them who are hurt and they hate that she disturbs their normal way of life. Eliott was toxic as well when he was more unstable in the beginning, but no one blamed him, because he needed care, love and compassion that Lucas gave him (by the way he had Lucille looking after him, he has friends and he has good parents). Eliott required patience and himself confessed that he is going to be a trouble from time to time, that he is going to skip medication (!) and get irritable and distant and depressive. That he is hard to deal with. But he was accepted. And there is no one who wants to deal with Lola's problems, you know, minute par minute. So she is just used to being alone and angry at this world. And how people don't understand that the things that she say to Eliott are not the truth, but just something that she learned to believe in, which is even more heartbreaking!? I fully understand where her bad decisions come from. I wish that everyone could be less judgemental of Lola and more empathetic.

  29. Carolina Castro Entenza

    Carolina Castro EntenzaHace 7 meses

    ANDREA MONTERO ES LA PRIMERA VEZ QUE TE LEO. Gracias por subtitular xD

  30. Jules Jules

    Jules JulesHace 7 meses

    Lucas se comporte un peu comme Lucile maintenant 😂😂

  31. Nemi Katt

    Nemi KattHace 7 meses

    Bon là je comprends Lucas mais il y a des fois où faudrait qu'il se détende..

  32. Hafza Qazi

    Hafza QaziHace 7 meses

    Lucas did the right thing!

  33. Marina Mad

    Marina MadHace 7 meses

    Lucas cero empatia

  34. T J

    T JHace 7 meses

    Chinese subtitles

  35. Aditi Tarafdar

    Aditi TarafdarHace 7 meses

    Someone had to tell her..

  36. Beenish ali

    Beenish aliHace 7 meses

    I want to see the episode

  37. 噗噗

    噗噗Hace 7 meses


  38. Yankı

    YankıHace 7 meses

    lucas is so right idc idc

  39. Eglantine S

    Eglantine SHace 7 meses

    Mais l'agressivité de lola srx... Je comprends tellement lulu

  40. Katharina Rösch

    Katharina RöschHace 7 meses

    right now I hope that someone will blame Elliott for Lola's situation. Just like Lucas blames Lola. He got drunk with a minor addict, which was really a shitty idea. The two have screwed it up and should get the responsibility for it, damn it

  41. letsreadshakespeare

    letsreadshakespeareHace 7 meses

    Yeah, I’m 100% with Lucas on this one.

  42. Baraa Yasir

    Baraa YasirHace 7 meses

    This reminds me a little bit of Lucille's anger at Lucas when Eliott had a manic episode.

  43. Channie's Babygirl

    Channie's BabygirlHace 7 meses

    Je peux comprendre Lucas mais on sait très bien que Eliott est en quelque sorte le seul ami que Lola a, comme un frère. Ça me fait mal de la voir comme ça...

  44. Channie's Babygirl

    Channie's BabygirlHace 7 meses

    Je peux comprendre Lucas mais on sait très bien que Eliott est en quelque sorte le seul ami que Lola a, comme un frère. Ça me fait mal de la voir comme ça...

  45. Jack Twist

    Jack TwistHace 7 meses

    Le petit hérisson sort ses piques et ça fait mal! Il défend son amoureux et c'est beau, il ne veut pas qu'on lui fasse du mal et ça se comprend ! Il n'est pas tendre avec Lola mais c'est vrai quelle déconne un peu trop , elle le regrette mais c'est un peu tard! Elle a besoin d'être secoué pour prendre conscience de ses actes. C'est dur pour elle et elle n'a que Elliott qui la comprend ! Entre éclopé de la vie on se soutient vraiment, pas toujours! Les autres ont du mal à comprendre et c'est normal. j'espère qu'elle va réagir positivement, mais elle a besoin d'aide, il ne faut pas la laisser sur le bord de la route, surtout pas!

  46. Eat Yourself

    Eat YourselfHace 7 meses

    Bien dit !

  47. Prune RD

    Prune RDHace 7 meses

    I'm 100% on Lucas' side here.

  48. Misse t.t.a

    Misse t.t.aHace 7 meses

    Quand tu crois connaitre tout le potentiel d'Axel, mais que tu réalise que ça va bien plus loin que ce tu imaginais......

  49. Praise Chinemerem

    Praise ChinemeremHace 7 meses

    Is dis d end no s7

  50. Lucifer Tímothée

    Lucifer TímothéeHace 7 meses

    Lucas sort enfin!!!!! J’ai adoré le chapitre l’aime! Je ne peux pas attendre plus longtemps pour voir le prochain espoir que je veux Lucas à sortir!

  51. Avani Jain

    Avani JainHace 7 meses

    So glad I can finally see Lucas 😍

  52. Tammy Walters

    Tammy WaltersHace 7 meses

    Has anyone else noticed that the only ones who were direct with Lola from the beginning were Imane and Lucas? Emma as well although she took a more pity approach knowing where Lola can end up.

  53. Richa Sigotia

    Richa SigotiaHace 7 meses

    Oh my man Lucas 😭

  54. Alicia Walhs

    Alicia WalhsHace 7 meses

    0:56 "Lucas c’est qui ?" La voix si mignonne de Eliott 🥺

  55. A Berti

    A BertiHace 7 meses

    Ouch! The truth hurts at times, here's hoping Lola has that waking up call and gets it...she really need help and she has people who do want to help her if she let's them in...She has an awesome girlfriend, just needs to let her in and work it together. Lucas was tough and understand he is protecting Elliott but poor Lola..Hope Lola does the grown up thing and goes to Maya and tells the truth she stuffed up and needs help! Just asking for help is the hardest more than the addiction as times.Cant wait for the last clips for that happy ending with her step dad and Lola!

  56. Gigi

    GigiHace 7 meses

    Can’t say how much I love Lucas character and acting skills of Axel. If I was Eli , this is the man I need most in my life . So sad that he will not be longer in the series in next seasons

  57. Andre L

    Andre LHace 7 meses

    Algún latino ,aparte de yo..Quien este viendo esta serie,por favor manifiestate 👏🏻😂✌🏻

  58. Pungpond _ntn

    Pungpond _ntnHace 7 meses

    Tell me please,I don't understand //subthai please🙏🥺🥺🥺

  59. Simon Alfonso

    Simon AlfonsoHace 7 meses

    Maya should not stay with her. She is not ready for the emotions of a partner. She barely thinks of how her friends will feel if she messes up or Daphne. It’s a clear tell she has given up on herself. I really hope SKAM doesn’t make them be together just cause the fans want it. It’s not healthy and that type of relationship shouldn’t be encouraged.

  60. Ferry Setiawan

    Ferry SetiawanHace 7 meses

    Lucas, i would do the same

  61. pheles1

    pheles1Hace 7 meses

    Puta madre si que es Bello lucas definitivamente

  62. Olivia Nordwind

    Olivia NordwindHace 7 meses

    Finally a scene between the best actors in the show

  63. ddw

    ddwHace 7 meses

    Team Lucas👊🏽

  64. Nate SciFi

    Nate SciFiHace 7 meses

    J’ai l’impression qu’on aura pas une fin de saison heureuse pour la première fois.

  65. Julienne

    JulienneHace 7 meses

    I'm 100% on Lulu's side, he has to protect Eliott and Lola acted extremely foolish and selfish the night before. Tough love

  66. Ely nights

    Ely nightsHace 7 meses

    Ça me brise le cœur la

  67. swednz swednz

    swednz swednzHace 7 meses

    Give Lola a break, she didn't force Elliott to stay or to drink. Elliott is old enough to make his own decisions even though it might mean that he makes bad choices sometimes. Lucas is acting like he is Elliots dad and he is completely suffocating Elliot.

  68. Lynn Wiles

    Lynn WilesHace 7 meses

    totally agree

  69. ks msln

    ks mslnHace 7 meses

    Both acting is brilliant but one more second and axel would have swallow this whole scene and burp real smooth

  70. chlorined

    chlorinedHace 7 meses

    somehow this clip hurt so much

  71. 韩新月

    韩新月Hace 7 meses

  72. Melanie Bisola

    Melanie BisolaHace 7 meses

    I am sorry for Lola, but Lucas is right

  73. May Snch

    May SnchHace 7 meses


  74. Army Purple

    Army PurpleHace 7 meses

    Alguien que hable en español? 😂

  75. Silvers Adrien Choi

    Silvers Adrien ChoiHace 7 meses

    Lola needs treatment .... Ugg

  76. Regina Yang

    Regina YangHace 7 meses

    This makes me so happy in a weird way. I wanted to see this for so long. I wanted someone to really teach Lola a lesson, and that’s Lucas

  77. Un Passager

    Un PassagerHace 7 meses

    Et Maya elle a disparue ??

  78. Blackpulp

    BlackpulpHace 7 meses

    J'aime pas dire ça mais c'est vraiment sa faute

  79. MsOlipop123

    MsOlipop123Hace 7 meses


  80. Lie hernandez

    Lie hernandezHace 7 meses

    Lola need someone to talk to, and that is maya

  81. Haley the waffle waffle

    Haley the waffle waffleHace 7 meses

    That’s one very angry hedgehog

  82. f thomas

    f thomasHace 7 meses

    Pas encore recu de notif ! Pourquoi je les reçois pas toutes alors que la cloche est activée? 😩

  83. anon 1225

    anon 1225Hace 7 meses

    That's a bit harsh but that is what she needs to hear, she needs to help herself. I hope she'll give herself time to think and realize all of what's happening. I am also hoping she goes to Maya in the next clip.

  84. La Vie De Vava

    La Vie De VavaHace 7 meses

    Cet hagra était totalement mérité !

  85. eligirl100

    eligirl100Hace 7 meses

    I think this season is gonna end with Lola realizing that she truly needs help and not coming back to the people she loves until she feels ready to there all the way for them...

  86. Sandy Teixeira

    Sandy TeixeiraHace 7 meses

    Cadê a legenda em português? 😭😭😭

  87. Mitsuko Renaud

    Mitsuko RenaudHace 7 meses

    Elle a besoin d'aide mais Lucas a raison elle a pas besoin de l'aide de Elliot

  88. Raluca Elena helen

    Raluca Elena helenHace 7 meses

    Lo que susede es que te destrosas a ti misma Lola. Y a los tullos. Pero más q nada a ti misma. Cambia, porfavor. Yo compredon perfectamente a Lucas. 🇪🇸

  89. E C

    E CHace 7 meses


  90. Nia’s

    Nia’sHace 7 meses

    bon lucas etait violent certes, mais lola qui demande a voir elliott parce que elle 'en a besoin' nan mais lola jtm bien mais la tu deconnes ou quoi

  91. Eva Rusko

    Eva RuskoHace 7 meses

    Lucas yes king, slaying🔥

  92. lola du03

    lola du03Hace 7 meses

    Si seulement Lola arrivait à extérioriser sa dé elle disait le vérité, que son père biologique est un lâche, qu'elle se sent abandonnée par ceux qui sont ses piliers...peut être que cela aurait évité cette scène avec Eliott

  93. Negen may

    Negen mayHace 7 meses

    Lola needs help with her addiction and depression but doesn't need to find it with people like eliott who are easy to manipulate or drag down. Not saying it was only her fault that elliot got drank - it was his choise. just saying she could call dapne or maya instead eliott who is in treatment. I understant why lucas reacted this way from his point of view but i dont agree with his way of doing it. He saw she needs help and someone at that moment but slam the door in her face. This is just wrong.

  94. Œuf

    ŒufHace 7 meses

    Yikes this comment section. What he did is not okay. First, he shouldn’t be the one controlling who want to see his bf. Second, he shouldn’t talk to her like that.

  95. a

    aHace 7 meses

    I think we can all agree on the fact that Lucas is the best boyfriend ever.

  96. LUca

    LUcaHace 7 meses

    Lucas solo está muy preocupado, lo banco

  97. Lana

    LanaHace 7 meses

    Pourquoi ya que des commentaires en anglais? J'me sens exclue

  98. Marius Nottot

    Marius NottotHace 7 meses

    Tkt Mdrr on est la

  99. Marius Nottot

    Marius NottotHace 7 meses

    Tkt mdrrr on est la

  100. Othilie Michel

    Othilie MichelHace 7 meses

    Je peux comprendre ceux qui disent que ce n’est pas la faute de Lola mais dans cette situation précise je ne suis pas tout à fait d’accord car Eliott a toujours apporté son aide à Lola, il l’a soutenu et remontée plusieurs fois et il s’est ouvert à elle. Alors dans une situation plus ou moins normal oui on devrait être capable de dire qu’on ne veut pas boire et s’y tenir mais Eliott a un passé et certaines difficultés en lien avec ses crises ce qui le rend plus influençable car il est tenté de replonger et de se faire engloutir par ses démons, comme Lola le sait et est son amie elle devrait aussi faire attention à lui. Je sais ce que ça fait d’être aussi bas je l’ai vécu .. et il faut savoir que la plupart du temps on essaie de se battre pour ne pas tirer les gens autour dans le mal avec nous alors je comprends le besoin d’avoir un ami de se détruire avec, oui c’est dur de lutter mais c’est nécessaire car tes amis sont là pour te remonter taider même si c’est toi qui doit faire la grande majorité du travail. Ils sont là mais les tirer avec toi en bas ( ceux qui sont aussi mal ou plus fragiles ou manipulables ) c’est une erreur, c’est perdre les moyens de se faire aider par nos amis que de les tirer en bas avec nous.. je sais que c’est pas facile mais j’espère de tout cœur que ça ira pour les deux

  101. Denisa Nițoiu

    Denisa NițoiuHace 7 meses

    Oh man...I hope she doesn't attempt suicide!😪

  102. Lisa Campbell

    Lisa CampbellHace 7 meses

    Aww we need maya help calm lola down and Elliott belivolngs to lucas elliot and lola brother and sister

  103. Jean Aimarre

    Jean AimarreHace 7 meses


  104. Kitty rosa

    Kitty rosaHace 7 meses

    je comprend tout a fait la reaction de Lucas ....

  105. I'm David Soberón

    I'm David SoberónHace 7 meses

    Lucas ressemblait à la petite amie en colère typique, mais il a des raisons d'être en colère, ce que Lola a fait était mal, elle savait très bien qu'Elliott était en traitement et elle s'en fiche, ça me fait mal de la voir comme ça, mais c'est le prix de faire les choses sans y penser.